This was a great film! I drew this using several references as I couldn’t quite fit both arms on the page in the original pose, which is why this is a new pose for Ralph.


If you’re also participating in Inktober 2016 then please show your day 30 drawing in the comments!


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  1. Really like how with very few and simple lines you’ve captured his likeness so well.
    I too participated in Inktober this month, and I’m pretty glad it’s almost over to be honest, I think I’ve had enough inking to last me a while now, I miss my pencils!


    1. Thank you so much! I know what you mean – I’ve really enjoyed the whole process and I’ve learnt quite a lot from it – but I too am looking forward to not having to come up with drawings every day! (I’ll totally be doing it again next year though)

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